Body Cam Footage Shows Death Of College Student Shot Dead By Cop

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Warning: The video above contains graphic images.

Since the discussion of body cameras needed in law enforcement in 2014, more cases have been able to give the courts another view of many incidents involving police killings. Over the weekend, another case was brought to light when Oklahoma police released a video of a police officer shooting a suspect during a domestic violence call.

According to Yahoo News, the incident occurred in early January when Muskogee Officer Chansey McMillin was questioning Terrance Walker about a domestic incident. Reportedly Muskogee police Cpl. Mike Mahan claimed Walker threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, saying he "had a bullet with her name on it."

The 21-year-old is seen running away from the officer and grabbing an object in the street. McMillin fired five shots at Walker and he falls into a ditch. Before checking his vital signs, other officers claim Walker grabbed a loaded semiautomatic pistol before he was shot dead.

Mahan says the officer acted accordingly in the incident. "From everything we can see in the video, the officer responded appropriately," he said. "This officer had a split second to make that decision. We believe he acted according to his training."

Residents of the small town are pleased the outcome hasn't reached the point of the Ferguson protests that plagued the nation when Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson last year.
"The other cities that this has happened in, they get pretty riled up about it. But thank God this is ... you know, it's kept – the community is quiet," Joseph Ingram said.

Walker's mother Cassandra says she refuses to watch the footage. She added that Walker moved to Muskogee from Austin, Texas to play football on a scholarship at Bacone College.

"I have no desire to look at it. I want to remember him like I know him to be," she told the station. "I wouldn't want any mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, I would never want somebody to physically see that." 


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