What is Race Discrimination?


It's against the law for your employers to discriminate you because of your race at any stage of employment and the law is now changing so that it also includes perception discrimination. 

 This means that you could be racial discriminated against on the grounds of perception. For example, it would be racial discrimination if an employer rejected a job application by a white woman applies because they thought she was black for having an African sounding name. 

The equality act   makes it illegal for employers to discriminate you because of your colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins.

It doesn't matter if the discrimination was on purpose or not, what matters is the way you are treated and if  you are treated less favourably  than someone else because of your race.  This act protects all racial groups. 

There are several different kinds of racial discrimination; direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation. 

 Direct discrimination is where someone's race is the main reason for less favourable treatment for example advertising a job for specific racial people. 

Indirect discrimination is when rules and policies put racial groups at a disadvantage such as introducing a discriminative dress code. 

 Harassment is when people allow or encourage unwanted and offence behaviour, such as making racist jokes at work.. 

Victimisation is when someone is treated less favourably because they have complained about discrimination. 

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